What is needed to start the PlexSeq process?

Whether you would like us to run your project in our lab or validate a PlexSeq kit for your lab, our scientists are here to help.

What we will need for your project:

  1. A customer-approved quote
  2. Completed SNP and Sample submission forms in the proper format
  3. Samples representative of the genetic varieties in your lines

PlexSeq SNP Genotyping Service

Standard turnaround time for new projects is 4 to 6 weeks.  Fast turnaround service is available for pre-validated assays or panels. We will begin your project once we have both your SNP Submission form and your samples.  Both forms should be emailed to support@agriplexgenomics.com.

SNP Submission

  • Submit a SNP submission form to support@agriplexgenomics.com.
  • Additional guidelines for proper submission are located on the form itself.
  • Provide us with 100 base pairs of flanking sequences. 
  • Indel regions and nearby SNPs should be notated to improve the overall success of assay design.

Sample Submission

  • Please submit your sample submission form to support@agriplexgenomics.com.
  • Send your samples using the guidelines below.
  • Total DNA required per sample is 50 ul at a concentration of 5 ng/ul.
  • If you are shipping samples from outside the US, a import permit will  be required; please contact us. 
  • Samples should be shipped in Agriplex-approved plasticware and seals with control wells empty.
  • Please ship your samples to:

AgriPlex Genomics
Attention: Project # (Quote #)
11000 Cedar Ave Suite 250
​Cleveland, OH 44106

DNA Extraction Service

We offer DNA extraction service for various tissue types. Leaf, roots, seed, seed chips, and ear punches are a few examples.  We suggest sending two leaf punches per well.  Each punch should be approximately 6mm in diameter.

Please see the list of acceptable plates in our sample submission guidelines below. 


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PlexSeq Customized Kits

We can create a kit for projects with 5,000 samples or more. Each kit includes a PlexSeq primary PCR mastermix with customized multiplex primers, DNA barcodes, and the PlexCall analysis software.

Initial creation and validation takes between 4-6 weeks. Once this process is complete, it takes only 2 weeks to reorder and existing kit.

To order a customized kit, you'll need to submit a validation plate along with your SNP sequences. Make sure to note what sequencer you're using and to follow the submission guidelines below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much DNA do I need to send in for my project?


How much leaf tissue do I need to send if AgriPlex is performing my DNA extraction?


Do you accept plant/animal samples from outside the United States?

Required Submission Forms and Guidelines for Shipping your samples

SNP Submission Form


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Sample Submission and Shipping Guidelines


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Sample Submission form


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Panel Genotyping Requests

Please download our white paper for more information about the markers available in our IRRI RiCA-1 v. 2 panel.



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