PlexSeq provides focused, next generation sequencing analysis of your targeted SNPs of interest.

PlexSeq, an amplicon-based sequencing method, multiplexes between 50 to 3,500 SNPs. One run of a sequencer screens this custom multiplex across thousands of samples simultaneously.  Our innovative Plexcall™ software then analyzes the allele frequency and compiles your SNP calls into a concise report. The multiplex capabilities and streamlined autocalling of PlexSeq provides data at a much lower cost and in less time than current platforms.

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PlexSeq Benefits

Our PlexSeq platform continues to evolve due the collaborations we have with our partners in the plant, livestock and aquaculture industries. Here are a few of the benefits:

Competing Technologies

PlexSeq bridges the gap between single plex-systems and chip-based arrays.

Cost Effectiveness
qPCR PlexSeq Chip Based Arrays
limited number of SNP's 50 to 3500 SNPs 2000 to 50,000+ SNPs
large number of samples large number of samples low number of samples